How sneakers conquered women and why?

Slowly but surely, sneakers became part of any outfit for women. At first it seemed weird to wear them with some skirts and dresses. They did not work with some purses. They jut out on some events. Eventually we got used to it is normal that they can always take the place of the shoes.

It used to be normal for the sneaker to have only shoelace, but it wanted to be a shoe and now has various accessories: jewelry, rivets, feather or something similar. Even a “normal” sneaker that does not try to be anything else is part of the outfit combinations that was, not so long ago, unimaginable. When it all started?

I remember 1999 and Runaway Bride movie. The bride had happy sneakers with wedding dress to run away from bad decisions. After that, it took years for many famous celebrities to open up a new fashion season “sneakers with everything”. Many women hardly waited to relax from heels and to spoil their feet in sport’s footwear. I could understand them. Many times when I came back from work in shoes and had to get out of the apartment again, I was happy to wear sneakers. It meant a break for my legs. Then I used to think, “Men will never understand how happy they are to wear sneakers, as a woman who takes off the heels she used to wear for hours and then start wearing sneakers.” Or when I was once at some party, and my legs were hurting after a long dancing night (it sometimes really hurt), and then I saw the girl – guy came to take her home and brought her sneakers to change shoes. That’s love. I was thinking how lucky she was in that moment.

I like sneakers, they are so comfortable. Sometimes you do not even feel them. Quality sneakers are healthy for the feet and should be worn whenever we have a chance. But chance is really not every event and with every outfit. If I want to wear sport’s shoes I am going to wear sport’s clothes, or even something similar. But if I want to be a lady with elegant or business clothes how sneakers fit in that story? Also if some occasion is solemn how can I look like serious adult in sneakers? I really cannot agree that sneakers are for every event and for every outfit.

Maybe in modern society everything is instant and fast, so we need footwear with which we can move faster.  Perhaps the modern is to merge incompatible. It is possible that today’s people are trying to be prepared for the escape of the problems, as a bride from the film.

However, spoil yourself with quality and comfortable footwear, but do it with style. Both, sneakers and shoes are great and enjoy in them on the right way and right place. Even the bride from the movie gave her sneakers as a present when she solved her problem and wore shoes with elegant dress.

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