Why shoes shopping make us happy?

As famous Bo Derek said “Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” Maybe at first glance seems shallow, but when it comes to the relationship between women and shoes, this is really true. When we buy new pair of shoes bad mood fade away and this gift that we gave ourselves can make us smile for a days. The thing is, it’s a gift, which means that we pay attention to ourselves and we make investment in a nicely and finely. I really think that the ancient Greeks were right when they said that everything have to be beautiful – face and minds, body and soul. It is not okay to invest only in spiritual, or only in physical appearance, but one should strive for complete beauty. If we look at nations who do not have consumer societies or do not carry a lot of clothes, we will see that they invest in beautifying trough make-up, jewelry, tattooing, and similar stuff.

If we look at scientific explanations, they said that shopping triggers dopamine circuitry in the brain’s mesolimbic pathway. Dopamine is compound and its neurotransmitter and a precursor of other substances including adrenaline. Adrenaline is a hormone which causes a sense of happiness in our body. Experts think that shoe shopping is in the same spectrum as chocolate and other experiences and products which activate the brain’s substantial reward pathways.

If we leave chemistry aside, I like the way my brother described the difference between male and female shopping. He said “When I need jeans I go and buy a jeans, but when you need a jeans you go and fall in love in a pair of shoes, buy them and you don’t have jeans.” Then it was clear to me that is really so. And the truth is that I am fine with the fact that I can live for a while without jeans but be happy with the piece of footwear I fell in love with.

I think that looking for a right pair of shoes and find it in the end is the more interesting process than just buying. That hunting for beauty and make it yours in the end is what satisfies us. I don’t think that is completely clear to me how new shoes make me happy. It may be a greater self-confidence when I have something nice or it’s a tradition in me to decorate myself like women have been doing since the ancient times.

I only can conclude that men hunt for a beautiful girl and girl hunt for a beautiful pair of shoes.

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