Clothes that work best with sneakers

In last few months sneakers became new black, or in the other words they are something that you can wear with almost everything and must have part of outfit. The main part in first sentence is ALMOST, because there is no footwear that you can wear with everything and for every event. Otherwise, where is the beauty in fashion rules? Someone could say that rules are made to be broken and I can agree with that, but even if you are destroyer of rules do it with style.

The first outfit that you think on when you say “the sneakers” is sweat suit. This is because the shoes, at first, have been made for sports and people used to wear them with a sport’s clothes. Later they became part of everyday life and quite nicely matched with different street styles. It is important that you pick the right materials to wear your sneakers with.

It is something like cotton, denim or linen. The point is that sports shoes are comfortable and they demand such kind of clothes. Something that makes you looks dashingly. In addition to the sweat suit, jeans is often combination with sneakers. When you have these two, it is easy to experiment with upper part of your outfit. It can be ordinary or unique t-shirt, or jacket or even shirt with jacket for some Friday casual. Also, it can be a simple cotton dress that is wide and above your knees or follows the line of your body. Wide flaxy pants with a simple blouse (as shown in the first photo) also fit well and show that you like comfort from head to toe. If you really want to break the rules, and you have an attitude that goes along with it, you can dare to join the coat with sneakers. Don’t just overdo it and put on yourself a huge dress, a huge coat, a huge bag and sneakers. That is too big attempt to be comfortable and all these huge stuff make you small and nothing comes to the fore.

To explain with what sneakers fit, it’s also good to say with what they do not match. It’s a sin to wear sneakers with elegant dresses (as shown in the second photo), skirts, trousers, and with all elegant materials. When you wear long skirts, up to below your knees, it’s often more beautiful to have hills to emphasize your figure, than sneakers that will cut you. With leader jacket you can match converse, but classic sport shoes are not nice with r’n’r materials.

There are many good and bad examples, but the main thing is to wear what you feel, on the feet and on the body, but at the same time. Do not mix oranges and apples, but try to express yourself through sport or elegance, through casual or serious occasion.

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