Autumn comes in the form of shoes

Crazy, stingy, colorful and rusty are epithets of shoes for coming season. There are a lot of buckles, feathers, rivets, laces and similar things. While some style remind us on shoes of Louis XIV of France, the other look like disco ball or choice of heavy metal fan.

Autumn is coming, which in the designers awakened the most diverse inspirations. Some of them are hard to describe, unless you are an art historian. The upcoming season always awakes in us association with something colorful, with leaf and rain, and the traces of remaining summer’s warm.

I searched for the ideal footwear for the autumn of 2017 and I came across wide selection. What is what I want for my feet in the coming months? After a hot and long summer, I want my shoes to be colorful and remind me of the warmth. I also want to continue a comfortable and stable walk with the heels that give me a good support. This means that I need thicker heels that run through the entire 2017 but I would not like to be too short, but to emphasize the femininity of the legs and to be a nice addition to the autumn dresses. It would be great if shoes have some leaf, as wonderful association in autumn, and so become an art for the eyes. Wandering like this for real shoes I came across the real fall and I fell in love with them.

They are designed by Dolce & Gabbana and they look like landscapes of Tuscany in fall. They are symbol of Italian romance and romantic love story. Or they look like the walls of the French castles, to those rooms that were for the reception of the ladies. From the windows of those rooms I would gladly watch the rain in the gardens in October or walk through those gardens in my flowery shoes if Indian summer comes.

The heel fits with colors, but it reminds me of a snake that strayed into my flower garden. It gives dynamics to this art and makes you think and admire to this footwear masterpiece. The straps have a jewelry and they are all different, and yet nicely fit in the flowers and leaves in the back.

It is not necessary for my autumn boots to be a masterpiece of famous designers. It’s important that they displaying autumn and that I will walk through the sun’s rays and the puddles and fill them with colors, flowers and leaves. This autumn, when everything becomes gray and moisture, you walk safely with imagination in your head and on your feet and I am sure that you are going to feel better.


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